– Greeley, Right Coast Pizza –

This project is located on west 38th Avenue in the historic area of Greeley. This 1902 brownstone was formerly a fabric store. We reconstructed the 4,033 SF space into a trendy pizza restaurant on the lower level with (2) apartments on the upper level. The project was completed over a 3 month period in order to meet the owner’s goal to open on time. The perimeter walls are 3-layers of re-orange brick supporting a plaster ceiling. The wood plank floor, which is well worn and weathered, was cleaned and sealed for the seating area. The kitchen and prep area in the back of house had the existing VCT removed and the concrete floor was polished and sealed. A gas fireplace is now located next to the glass roll up garage door at the front of the space. This allows the patrons seated outside on the patio to feel as though they are an extension of the interior when it is open. Retro barn light fixtures in black enamel hang above the bar as well as over the tables. The HVAC trunk lines and electrical conduit are all exposed creating a warehouse feel.


Right Coast Pizza

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