– Loveland, Larimer County Food Bank Facility –

This project consisted of the build out of 2,400 square feet of office space. It was located within the South side of an existing parking structure. It was imperative that the construction team work with the occupants to schedule material drop offs, building service shut downs, and work hours to create a smooth construction project since the structure was in use by the university .  The tenant finish consisted of the creation of 31 offices, 2 break room areas, 2 print storage areas, and 1 conference room. The mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression scopes of work were efficiently installed. They now work flawlessly with the existing systems.  Finishes for the project included birch doors with two full size side lights within an aluminum frame. All walls resulted in a smooth level four finish, the office and hallway floors have carpet tile, the kitchen and entrance areas are vinyl linoleum, and the ceiling has acoustical panel. Offices with South facing windows contained daylight sensors to better regulate the amount of lighting needed for each room.  All offices contained occupancy sensors to activate the lights when an individual enters the room to help cut down energy consumption for the office space.


Colorado State University

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