About Us

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DS Constructors LLC is a Women Owned Commercial General Contractor that was established in September 2008 by Melinda Denney. Melinda has worked in the Northern Colorado Construction Market for over twenty years. Since 2008 our team is able to provide our owners with large company experience with small company structure that takes personal care of each project.

Our Team

  • Melinda Denney
    Melinda Denney President / Women Business Owner (WBE)
  • Diahan Ehasz
    Diahan Ehasz CFO
  • Guy Engell
    Guy Engell General Superintendent
  • Rod Wilhite
    Rod Wilhite Superintendent
  • Patricia Arensmeyer
    Patricia Arensmeyer Office Manager/Marketing

    Patricia Arensmeyer joined DS Constructors in June 2018.

  • Mark Zens
    Mark Zens Senior Project Manager
  • Raechelle Powell
    Raechelle Powell Asst. Project Manager
  • Herb Haller
    Herb Haller Superintendent
  • George Villegas
    George Villegas Superintendent
  • Heidi Ardia
    Heidi Ardia Accounting Assistant
  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown Estimator

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